Retaining Walls

We use the best quality building materials for this application as masonry, interlocking blocks, natural stone, interlocked bricks, reinforced concrete with steel rods, all timber and steel I beams among other specially designed configurations.

No matter the size of the retaining wall (no job to big or to small), constructing it requires a lot of engineering, we can design and engineer a retaining wall that will suit your needs and your budget.

Our Quality Building Material For Retaining Walls Include:

Depending on the material used, retaining wall stability is enhanced the sloping of the wall’s face to create a setback or "batter". A gravity retaining wall relies on its own weight and footing to hold back the forces of the soil.
  • 1.Are Concrete Footings Always Required?

    No. We can design retaining walls less than 1.5 meters high without the need for a concrete footing. This saves time and money, while providing a solid base for blocks or concrete.
  • 2.How Long Will My Wall Last?

    Standard concrete building blocks made many years ago using the same process as we use are still performing in building structures around the world.
  • 3.Can I Plant A Garden Or Landscape Around The Retaining Wall?

    Yes. Planting or landscaping in or around the retaining wall is easy and environmentally safe. The building material we use do not leach any harmful chemicals that could affect your plants or shrubs. A irrigation system and/or lighting can be built into the wall during construction as well.
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